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Why we always choose WordPress

We use WordPress every day as the Content Management System of our choice. And the variety of use cases is huge! From a little blog, over a backend for a mobile app, to a huge editorial system. We trust WordPress as the tool for most of our needs. But why? What makes WordPress so versatile…

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Best Practices For WordPress Management

Managing a WordPress site is no small feat. Website owners have to stay up to date with the latest vulnerabilities that can attack a website. WordPress is a highly targeted system according to Sucuri, a well-respected website security firm. There are a lot of best practices for managing a WordPress site, that can help prevent…

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Why Open Source Software Offers a Business Advantage

Did you know that there are over 1 million open source projects online, with 10 million people contributing over 100 billion lines of code? That’s a lot of enthusiasm for open source. So what is it exactly? Open source is software based on source code that anyone can access, modify and enhance. Unlike proprietary software…

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Is WordPress a Secure Content Management System?

WordPress has an unfair reputation for having poor security. It has been around for a very long time and is extremely popular, powering almost 30% of the web. As a consequence, a vulnerability or successful attack on a prominent website becomes big news – and WordPress becomes the scapegoat. There are two key reasons that…

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Why WordPress Is Important For Business Website

WordPress was originally launched in the year 2003 and has since then become the most used and the most favorite website for the bloggers around the world. Originally, it was just a site for blogging but now it has become a lot more than just that and provides a big, universal platform. Now, imagine you’ve…

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